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18 en communParis 18eFranceEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yet"18 en commun" is a municipalist list for the French municipal election in 2020. http://18encommun.frhttps://twitter.com/18encommunhttps://www.facebook.com/Le-18-en-commun-335168203742997/Pierre lalulepierrelalu@gmail.com0033648426579
A varos mindenkie (The city is for all)BudapestHungaryEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)A varos mindenkie (The city is for all) was founded in 2009 by people who are committed to working for a just and egalitarian society. Our members are currently or formerly homeless people, those experiencing housing poverty and their allies.http://avarosmindenkie.blog.hu/https://www.facebook.com/AVarosMindenkie/Kata Amonavarosmindenkie@gmail.com003620 381 8996avarosmindenkie@gmail.com
Academia CidadãLisbonPortugalEuropeOtherThe Academia Cidadã (Citizenship Academy)’s main goal is to boost active citizenship and the construction of development roots with principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Our ambition is to empower people and organizations in the exercise of deepening democracy. Educational, communicative and artistic activities are our areas of intervention. Non-formal education and participative and active research are our methodologies.http://academiacidada.org/en/@academiacidadahttps://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCidada/Joana Diasjoana@academiacidada.org+351 916 222 854psantos@academiacidada.orgPedro Santos+351 912 986 006
Ahora Buenos AiresBuenos AiresArgentinaLatin America and the CaribbeanCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetWe are a citizen platform that was created in 2017, bringing together a great diversity of members from the student, women's and diversity movements, trade unions, communications, popular economy, among others.https://ahorabuenosaires.info/https://twitter.com/Ahora_bsasLucas Villaseninvillaseninl@gmail.com+54 11 3 909 3891 guidosaccal@gmail.comGuido Saccal+54 9 11 3316-0287
Atelier Populaire d'UrbanismeGrenoblerue MalakoffFranceEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Right to housing and Right to the Cityhttp://www.assoplanning.org@reseau_urbainhttps://www.facebook.com/APUvilleneuve/David Gabriel Bodinierdg.bodinier@gmail.com
Athens for EveryoneAthens (Georgia)United StatesNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Athens for Everyone works to advance the goals of the left-progressive movement through transformative changes like single-payer healthcare, free higher education, and an end to all deportations. These large-scale goals are supported by a number of groups across the country and around the world. Our platform brings this broad vision to local and state levels, where our organizational power is greatest.http://athensforeveryone.com/@Athens4Everyonehttps://www.facebook.com/AthensForEveryone/Drew Hooksdrew.hooks@gmail.com
Autrement pour Saillans... tous ensembleSaillansFranceEuropeMunicipal governmentAutrement pour Saillans is a citizen platform formed by residents and citizens of the municipality of Saillans, concerned by the future of the village. The platform won the elections on 2014, with the commitment of co-construct with the inhabitants of Saillans a new mode of governance of the commune, both collegial and participative.http://www.mairiedesaillans26.fr/Vincent Beillardrelation@mairiedesaillans26.fr475215152relation@mairiedesaillans26.frSabine Girard475215152
Bancada AtivistaSao PauloBrazilLatin America and the CaribbeanMunicipal oppositionBancada Activista is a suprapartisan movement of citizens of the city and province of Sao Paulo,active in multiple social, economic, political and environmental causes, which seeks to bring activists into different levels of institutional politics.   We started in the municipal elections of 2016, based on collective learning by doing, supporting candidatures of activists who had never exercised a legislative mandate, and shared world views and political practices. We seek to oxygenate institutional politics and promote our principles and practices through collaborative and pedagogical local electoral campaigns that provide an alternative to stale traditional politics.   Our principles are based on: the unrestricted promotion of human rights; the fight against social and economic inequalities at the center of the formulation of public policies and the construction of a collective, human, diverse city with the value of the public and of public spaces as protagonists. Our practices have a non-negotiable basis: openness, transparency and citizen participation.http://www.bancadaativista.org/@bancadaativistahttps://www.facebook.com/bancadaativista/Bancada Ativistabancadaativista@gmail.com
Barcelona en ComúBarcelonaCarrer Marina 131SpainEuropeMunicipal governmentBarcelona En Comú is a municipalist platform launched in Barcelona in June 2014 by activists from a range of social movements. Barcelona En Comú’s manifesto was drawn up through citizen participation and its policy priorities include radicalising democracy, stopping evictions, fighting touristification, remunicipalizing the city’s water company, and reducing economic inequalities between neighbourhoods. The organization won the May 2015 city elections, forming a minority government under the leadership of mayor and former housing rights activist, Ada Colau.https://barcelonaencomu.cat/@BComuGlobalhttp://facebook.com/bcnencomuInternational Committeeglobal@bcnencomu.catpremsa@bcnencomu.catPress team
Beirut MadinatiBeirutLebanonMiddle East and North AfricaCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetBeirut Madinati is a local political platform that was conceived by activists and experts of the city who decided to take their commitment and their hard work to the next level. Its work started in 2016, when Beirut Madinati ran for the Municipal elections and gathered around 40% of the electorate running against a list of all traditional parties of Lebanon.http://beirutmadinati.com/https://twitter.com/beirutmadinatihttps://www.facebook.com/BeirutMadinati/Mona Fawazmf05@aub.edu.lb +961 3 669 505info@ghassansalameh.comGhassan Salameh+961 3 691709
Buongiorno LivornoLivornoItalyEuropeMunicipal oppositionBuongiorno Livorno was founded in November 2013 as a political association independent of traditional parties; strongly linked to the values of the left, it builds its policies through the confrontation with the citizens, starting from the territorial needs and aiming to involve the citizens in its concrete proposals of intervention. Per noi il collettivo conta sempre più del singolo individuo, perché pratichiamo una politica che supera il concetto di pura e semplice leadership. Creare Distretti economici della creatività e del riciclo, valorizzare e tutelare i beni comuni e il patrimonio pubblico sono solo alcuni punti fondamentali al cuore della nostra azione politica. La natura del nostro movimento vive al di fuori delle dinamiche dei partiti tradizionali: una posizione, la nostra, indispensabile a mettere al centro della politica l’interesse della comunità e il rispetto dei diritti fondamentali di tutti, accettando e promuovendo solo schieramenti che si basino su contenuti e obiettivi territoriali. Ciò non vuol dire che la nostra azione politica sia autarchica e autosufficiente, al contrario: BuongiornoLivorno è collegata alle tante esperienze di municipalismo che, in Italia e in Europa, stanno ottenendo risultati politici importanti. Lavoriamo al fianco di esperienze come quella di Napoli e Barcellona.http://buongiornolivorno.it@BuongiornoLivorhttps://www.facebook.com/BuongiornoLivorno/Lisa Olivierosegreteria@buongiornolivorno.it393206074487silvia.giuntinelli@gmail.comsilvia giuntinelli393494355521
Cambiamo Messina dal BassoMessina, SiciliaItalyEuropeMunicipal governmentCambiamo Messina dal Basso is a self organized citizens movement that supported Renato Accorinti as candidate in Messina’s municipal elections of June 2013. After the electoral win of June 2013 the movement kept growing. All the activists worked to write a political and ethical document, the “Intent Charter”. Now this document is undersigned from each new member of the movement. The Charter contains the values in which the activists believe their goals and the basic organization of the political entity. Cambiamo Messina dal Basso has maintained its autonomy in these five years. Indeed, we constantly discuss issues and organize common actions with the municipal administration, respecting each other’s autonomy, according to our role: mayor, city council, municipal administration and citizens movement. The citizens movement emerged as a platform made of hundreds of people that came from different backgrounds. That is the reason why our logo is rainbow-colored. We love our diversity and we know it is one of our strengths. Despite these differences, we have common goals. Our main aims are: the revitalization of the civic waterfront on which the port authority exercises its own jurisdiction; the recognition of equal opportunities; the commons; the active participation of citizens to the political life and the cultural change of people towards more open-minded and responsible behaviors. http://www.cambiamomessinadalbasso.it/@CMdBtwhttps://www.facebook.com/cmdbofficial/Federico Alagnafederico.alagna@gmail.com
Căși sociale ACUM!/ Social housing NOW!Cluj-NapocaRomaniaEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Started in 2016, Căși sociale ACUM!/Social Housing NOW! was run as a campaign by Foundation Desire. Today we aim to transform it into an engine of a movement for public housing and housing justice in Romania. Our social justice- and rights-based approach towards housing acknowledges the latter not only as a fundamental right, but also as a primordial need violated and unfulfilled in several cases not only in terms of adequacy of the house itself where people live, but also due to the character of the territory where this is placed (such as nearby polluted sites). Our intervention shows how socio-economic justice including housing justice might be promoted and how people’s empowerment might be served through the legal enforcement of socio-economic rights, and in particular housing rights and the right to be housed in a healthy environment. Our actions empower the most marginalized categories of the precariatized working class, including Roma to become a political actor struggling for an anti-racist politics of public housing as an instrument of securing people’s (spatial and social) belonging to the city and of imagining and building up a society based on the values of equality and solidarity.http://www.desire-ro.eu/Eniko Vinczedesire_cluj@yahoo.com
Cidadãos Por CoimbraCoimbraPortugalEuropeMunicipal oppositionCoimbra is our cause! It is urgent to elevate Coimbra to a level of ambition that, in the last decades, has not been reached. Cidadãos Por Coimbra was launched in 2013 and stood for election for the first time in September of the same year with the goal of challenging representative democracy and making Coimbra a democratic, developed, diplomatic, republican city. It won 14 seats on the city council.http://cidadaosporcoimbra.com@CidadaosCoimbrahttps://www.facebook.com/CidadaosPorCoimbraCidadãos Por Coimbracidadaos.coimbra@gmail.com
Cidadãos por LisboaLisboaAvenida de RomaPortugalEuropeMunicipal governmentCitizens for Lisbon (CPL), created in 2007, is a centre-left political movement, space of citizenship open to the participation of citizens and civic movements, cultural and social associations of the city. The CPL believes that a better, more open, cohesive, participative, inclusive, people-friendly and increasingly well-governed Lisbon is possible. http://www.cidadaosporlisboa.pt/Cidadãos por Lisboahttps://www.facebook.com/Cidad%C3%A3os-por-Lisboa-77670111355/Cidadãos por Lisboainfo@cidadaosporlisboa.ptaml@cidadaosporlisboa.ptCity councilors
Ciudad FuturaRosarioArgentinaLatin America and the CaribbeanMunicipal oppositionTen years ago, a handful of young university students formed a grassroots collective to work with the people of a rurban zone of Rosario, the second/third city of Argentina. Today they are part of a political organization of hundreds of people with a variety of 'strategic projects': non-state public institutions built around self-organization (schools, cooperatives, health care projects, collaborative economic networks, cultural spaces and more). This is Ciudad Futura (Future City), a 'movement party' that combines the construction of concrete alternatives outside the state with the creation of a political party that participates in elections. Ciudad Futura won three seats in the local council in the most recent election and will be a serious contender for the next mayoral elections in 2019. http://ciudadfutura.com.ar/main.html@CiudadFuturaOKhttps://www.facebook.com/CiudadFuturaOK/?ref=br_rsRocío Novellonovelloro@gmail.com+54 (0341) 156414737francoingrassia@gmail.com Franco Ingrassia+54 (0341) 155087134
Coalizione Civica per BolognaBolognaItalyEuropeMunicipal oppositionMunicipalist platform present both in city council and in the various borough councils on the opposition of the governing majority. Main themes: public spaces, civil rights, antidiscrimination, commons, http://www.coalizionecivica.it@coalizione_bohttps://www.facebook.com/coalizionecivicabologna/Emily Clancyemmy.clancy@gmail.com393337736093marinadaltri@gmail.comMarina D'Altri393391592234
Coalizione Civica per PadovaPadovaItalyEuropeMunicipal governmentIn recent years Padova has seen its reputation as a city of culture, solidarity, volunteerism and positivity humiliated by an administration dominated by the closed dialogue, the obscurantism and the deterioration of the quality of life of its citizens. Coalizione Civica is an open and autonomous project that wants to include citizens, civic, social, economic and political citizen forces, with the aim of building a new and alternative project. A project of rebirth, based on the fundamental points presented in the Call of October 2016 - signed today by some 2,000 citizens - that defends a cultural, economic and social development, according to the criteria of respect for the environment, the person , transparency and participation. The Plenary Assembly is the sovereign organ of Coalizione Civica: it is made up of all the citizens who have decided to participate in this project of change for our city.http://coalizionecivicapadova.it/@ccivica_padovahttps://www.facebook.com/coalizionecivicaperpadova/Elena Ostanelelena.ostanel@gmail.com393497749091federico.boscaro@gmail.comFederico Boscaro
Compartilhe a MudançaPorto AlegreBrazilLatin America and the CaribbeanCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetCollaborative movement to build change in Porto Alegre.https://www.facebook.com/pg/CompartilheAMudanca/contato@compartilheamudanca.com.br
Compostela AbertaSantiago de CompostelaSpainEuropeMunicipal oppositionCompostela Aberta is a collective proposal of the citizens of Santiago that emerged with the aim of returning the city to the people and putting an end to the corrupt practices that characterized the Popular Party government. It governed the city from 2015-2019 and came third in the May 2019 municipal elections. A space of confluence, Compostela Aberta is the fruit of the popular unity in which both activists and people with experience in political parties participate. The convergence of the social left and the partisan left makes Compostela Aberta a common project that places people at the center of public policy. Participation and transparency are two of the key axes of all our action. The organization is characterized by taking decisions in assemblies and by sectoral Working Groups (GDT) that create Compostela Aberta's political programme. The WGs are open to the participation of anyone who wishes to, and they function as discussion, discussion and participation groups for citizens' proposals. Compostela Aberta is also an organization with a marked feminist character, with equal institutional representation and with government and organizational actions that promote equality policies as a transversal element. It is also an organization with a marked ecosocial character as a transversal axis to advance not only in the conservation of the environment, but also in the efficient management of public resources and in the firm commitment to social policies.http://compostelaaberta.org@compostelabertahttps://www.facebook.com/CompostelaAberta/Compostela Abertaredes@compostelaaberta.org
Comú de LleidaLleidaSpainEuropeMunicipal oppositionComú de Lleida is a group of people from the city of Lleida who organize to participate in municipal elections, under the basic principles of common good, participation and transparency. It was born in 2013 as a citizen initiative to create a candidacy that would bring together people from different political parties and socially active citizens, and that would facilitate a change in the government of the city. In the end, the only political party to join was the local branch of the Catalan Pirate Party, so a decision was taken present a citizen candidacy in the form of a group of electors, which obtained 3,787 votes and two councilors in the 2015 elections.https://www.comudelleida.cat/@comudelleidahttps://www.facebook.com/ComuDeLleida/Comú de Lleidainfo@comudelleida.cat
Cooperation JacksonJackson, Mississippi United StatesNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Cooperation Jackson is an emerging network of cooperatives and solidarity economy institutions based in Jackson, Mississippi. Our primary area of work is building and developing the social and solidarity economy, building the commons, deepening democracy, localizing production and distribution, ecological restoration and just transition, and feminizing politics. http://www.cooperationjackson.org@CooperationJXNhttps://www.facebook.com/CooperationJackson/Kali Akunokaliakuno@gmail.com+1 323 422 6025coopjxn.saki@gmail.comSacajawea Hall +1 917 291 0278
Créteil 3.0CréteilFranceEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetCréteil 3.0 is an association that aims to promote expression and citizen initiatives. We want to federate and structure the word of citizens and allow it to carry in public debates. We use, among other things, digital and new media in order to allow citizen information to circulate freely while having tools to organize and carry out projects of general interest.https://creteil3-0.fr/https://twitter.com/creteil3_0https://www.facebook.com/Creteil3.0/David Cousycreteil3.zero@gmail.com687676274
Decide RomaRomaItalyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Decide Roma was born after the rally "Roma Non Si Vende" (Roma is not for sale), organized in early 2016, which aimed to block speculation in our city, strengthen self-managed spaces, promote a public debt audit of the City Hall and return the possibility of To decide on the citizens and citizens of Rome. Decide Rome is a collective project that seeks to reconquer politics from below and give the power to decide back to citizens. The confidence of the citizens in representative politics disappeared long ago and change will only be possible through direct participation and social struggle. Our programmatic proposal is the "Carta di Roma Comune", which was debated and drawn up in dozens of public assemblies. This Charter expresses the founding principles of a new way of including the meaning and role of the entire "public system". We can summarize them as the "urban commons". The only recipe for a system change is that of participation and decentralization of power. Corruption is always born when the government of the many substitutes the government of the few. A brave policy is the one that recognizes in citizens, beyond elections, the power to decide not only to decide who governs, but how they are governed.http://www.decideroma.com/@RomaComunehttps://www.facebook.com/DecideRoma/
Democratic Regions Party ( DBP)Diyarbakır TurkeyMiddle East and North AfricaRegional/national partyKurdish political party in Turkey. Its principal mission is being to develop the project of democratic autonomy in eight different spheres - the political, The legal, self defence, social, economic, cultural, ecological and diplomatic.http://www.dbp.org.tr@DBP_GenelMerkezHalide Turkogludiplo.dbp@gmail.com
Democratic Society Congress (DTK)BakurTurkeyMiddle East and North AfricaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)The Democratic Society Congress, set up in Bakur in 2007, is an independent, non-governmental umbrella structure that aims to establish democratic confederalism in Bakur (the area of Kurdistan within the borders of Turkey). Democratic confederalism describes stateless confederations of self-governing, grassroots assemblies, working according to anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological principles.http://www.kcd-dtk.org
Democratic Union PartyQamishliSyriaMiddle East and North AfricaMunicipal governmentRojava, the Kurdish-majority zone in northern Syria, is the location of a unique project in grassroots, participatory democracy. A landmass slightly larger than Belgium, in the midst of war, it is undergoing a profound social revolution that emphasises social and economic equality, religious tolerance, ethnic inclusion, collectivity combined with individual freedom, ecology, and a radical feminism. The political system of Rojava is based on a paradigm called Democratic Confederalism, articulated by imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. It is a system that does not call for a separate Kurdish state but seeks to employ self-rule to address the decades of state-sponsored genocide inflicted on the Kurds. In Rojava, 40-50 percent of the members of any civil society or governing body must be female with a women serving as co-chair in every executive or legislative office. Every member of the community can participate in decision-making as part their local “commune,” of 30-400 households. The board of each commune sends representatives to the Village Council, a body made up of 7-30 communes. In turn, the Village Council, sends elected representatives to the District People’s Council, which then sends delegates to the fourth level, the People’s Council of West Kurdistan (MGRK). The MGRK elects members to the Movement for a Democratic Society, or TEV-DEM, which coordinates decisions among all three cantons of Rojava. At each of the four levels there are citizens commissions on women, defense, economics, politics, civil society, justice, ideology and free society. Every level of the council system has a separate women’s council, formed by the Kongera Star, which organises trainings on women’s empowerment, and whose decisions take priority over all issues affecting women. As a result, feminist and anti-capitalist ideas, and the notion of an ecological life, are flourishing across the entire society, with theories developed through a new paradigm called Jineology – the woman’s science. https://pydrojava.net/english/@PYD_Rojavahttps://www.facebook.com/Pyd-rojava-133847666761347/
Democrazia e Autonomia (DemA)NaplesPiazza Municipio, 80133 ItalyEuropeMunicipal governmenthttp://www.dem-a.it/@movimentodemahttps://www.facebook.com/democraziaeautonomia/Luigi Demagistrisinfo@dem-a.it(0039) 081 1924 4958
DemosistoHong KongChinaAsia and PacificMunicipal oppositionDemosistō aims to achieve democratic self-determination in Hong Kong. Through direct action, popular referenda, and non-violent means, the party pushes for the city’s political and economic autonomy from the oppression of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and capitalist hegemony. Demosistō is a movement-based party. It is developing a new civic engagement platform for political discussion among citizens to encourage grassroots social movements and to strengthen interaction across all sectors of civil society. It trusts the community to realise the common good and to build a city of multiplicity, equality, and justice.https://www.demosisto.hk/@demosistohttps://www.facebook.com/demosisto/Demosistoinfo@demosisto.hk
Durham for AllDurham1813 Chapel Hill Rd., Suite DUnited StatesNorth AmericaOtherDurham for All is building a new majority 10,000 people strong – a multiracial, cross-class progressive movement led by people of color and working-class people. We take action together at the ballot box and in the streets to win back our government and put it to work — for all of us.http://DurhamForAll.org@DurhamForAllFb.com/DurhamForAllAnthony MaglioneAnthony@durhamforall.org8284134035
Exploit PisaPisaItalyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Self-managed space used for film forums, lectures, seminars, workshops, theater, jam sessions, book presentations, self-training courses!http://exploitpisa.org/@exploitpisahttps://www.facebook.com/gianna.pisa.12Exploit Pisaexploit@distruzione.org
FAIRcityAmsterdamNetherlandsEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)FAIRcity is a platform of NGO's and inhabitants of Amsterdam who defend the city against the economic division and gentrification and against the nuisance caused by tourism.@iamfaircityhttps://www.facebook.com/FairCity/Eric Duivenvoordeneduiv@dds.nl 0031 6 50475727melissa.koutouzis@gmail.comMelissa Koutouzis0031 6 49146742
Ferrol en ComúnFerrolMagdalena, 58SpainEuropeMunicipal government@ferrolencomunFerrol en ComúnCelia Fernández Alvariñoferrolencomun@gmail.com605461066xiana.penedo@gmail.comXiana López Penedo615822256
Independents for FromeFromeUnited KingdomEuropeMunicipal governmentIndependents for Frome was (ifF) created in 2011 by a group of people who felt the potential of local government was not being met. In particular they were clear that national political dogma and ideology was not relevant at a local level. ifF therefore developed ‘Ways of Working’ which defined core values and a methodology of cooperation. When it ran for office, ifF offered no manifesto, just a description of how it would operate in more participative way if elected. In the 2011 local election, turnout rose by 75% and IfF won 10/17 seats on the city council. It quickly rewrote the rule book, re-engineering the ways the council operated (creating a style of council meetings that allowed for local people to have their say and join in debates) and elevating the agenda and vision for the council. In 2017 ifF won all 17 seats, despite opposition from all political parties in every area.http://iffrome.org.uk/@if_fromehttps://www.facebook.com/IndependentsforFrome/Peter Macfadyenpetermac@gn.apc.org7794593179
Kozani Place to LiveKozaniGreeceEuropeMunicipal governmentThe Municipal Movement called “Kozani Place to live” was created in June 2010 and is a political organization with a self-governing orientation that strives for human dignity and a dignified everyday life, for an open, solidarity-based and democratic municipality, with young people, with social solidarity, equality and respect for diversity, having a deep belief that “City is the people” and its basic message “Think globally and act locally”. In May 2014, “Kozani Place to live” won the elections and took over the administration of the Municipality of Kozani from September 2014 and will again claim the Municipality of Kozani in the next elections in 2019. The Municipal Movement “Kozani Place to live” after the elections did not stop its action but continues to operate in a parallel and independent way with the administration of the Municipality of Kozani with voluntary and political interventions in every day life of Kozanis citizens. https://protovouliadk.wordpress.comCharis Kouziakischarisiosk@yahoo.com306946334426lefterisioan@gmail.comLefteris Ioannidis306940451485
La Gauche urbaine de Montreal // Montreal Urban LeftMontréalCanadaNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)The Montreal Urban Left is a new formation of radical municipalism, independent of the political parties and city government, formed since the victory of Projet Montreal in 2017.www.facebook.com/GUMontrealUL/Nathan McDonnellnathanpmcd@gmail.com5145614656Donald.Cuccioletta@uqo.caDonald Cuccioletta
Laboratorio ArsaveReggio EmiliaItalyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Arsave - Laboratorio per la città che vogliamo is a political collective committed to building a municipalist platform still in progress. Launched in Reggio Emilia in the Autumn of 2015 (in the continuity of Laboratorio No Expo) by activists from a range of social movements and associations, civic committees and individual citizens, Arsave has been engaged from the start in a process to radically change the city government through the citizens involvement in public life and participation in decisions regarding the city’s community.https://www.facebook.com/laboratorio.arsave/Laboratorio Arsavelaboratorio.arsave@gmail.com
Lepszy Gdańsk GdańskPolandEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetLepszy Gdańsk (A Better Gdańsk) is an initiative of residents demanding a friendly and fair city, a safe, open and more place to live. LG is inspired by municipal, progressive, social local and urban movements from all over the world. We are one of the founding members of the polish Congress of Urban Movements.https://twitter.com/LepszyGdanskhttps://www.facebook.com/lepszygdansk/Jędrzej Włodarczykjedrzejwlodarczyk86@gmail.com516092235al.pastuszka@gmail.com Aleksandra Pastuszka 661662427
Ludzie Dla MiastaGorzow WielkopolskiPolandEuropeMunicipal oppositionLudzie Dla Miasta (People for the city) implements the ideas of civil society, promotion and development of creativity, architecture, art, urban infrastructure, including cycling.http://ludziedlamiasta.pl@ludziedlamiastahttps://www.facebook.com/LudzieDlaMiastaLudzie Dla Miastaludziedlamiasta@gmail.com
Marea AtlánticaA CoruñaSpainEuropeMunicipal governmentMarea Atlántica is a citizen-based municipal platform from A Coruña, a medium-sized coastal city with 250,000 inhabitants. It functions as a political space for the confluence of traditional political parties with activist groups and people with no previous organizational affiliation, all of whom agreed to work together to take back local institutions and put them at the service of the common good. Marea Atlàntica governed A Coruña from 2015-2019 and came third in the May 2019 municipal elections.http://mareatlantica.org/@mareAtlanticahttps://www.facebook.com/mareAtlanticaMarea Atlánticaola@mareatlantica.org
Miasto Jest NaszeWarsawPolandEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetMiasto Jest Nasze (The City is Ours) is a Warsaw-based non-profit civic association, founded in 2013 by a group of social activists that has become a major urban movement in Poland. It has always relied on the voluntary work of its members, who are passionate about improving the city and quality of life of its inhabitants. Currently, it brings together more than a hundred members from all walks of life, with the oldest being born before World War II, and the youngest still in high school.http://miastojestnasze.org/https://twitter.com/miastojestnasze?lang=plhttps://www.facebook.com/miastojestnasze/Justyna Koscinskajustyna.koscinska@miastojestnasze.org48509264068szymon.wroblewski@miastojestnasze.org Szymon Wróblewski48791234005
Miasto Wspólne (Common City)KrakowPolandEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetMiasto Wspólne (Common City) is an association which developed out of an informal protest group that run a successful campaign against the organization of Winter Olympics in Krakow in 2004 called “Kraków Przeciw Igrzyskom” (Kraków Against Olympic Games). Later, the group members took part in local elections, functioning as an umbrella organization for people coming from diverse urban movements and the Green Party. In January 2017 the group set up a new association called “Miasto Wspólne” (Common City) to continue work in Kraków and participate in the coming up local elections in 2018. We currently focus on housing issues and educational policy and cooperate with Razem (Together), the Polish counterpart of Podemos.http://miastowspolne.org/https://twitter.com/miastowspolnehttps://www.facebook.com/stowarzyszeniemiastowspolne/Tomasz Lesniaktlesna@gmail.com+48 889 933 556weronika.smigielska@gmail.comWeronika Smigielska+48 697 883 254
Mira in ComuneMiraItalyEuropeMunicipal oppositionhttp://www.miraincomune.ithttp://twitter.com/miraincomunehttps://www.facebook.com/MiraInComune/Nico Narsinico.narsi@gmail.comlavinia.viv@gmail.com Lavinia Vivian
Movimiento Valparaíso CiudadanoValparaísoChileLatin America and the CaribbeanCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Movimiento Valparaíso Ciudadano (Valparaíso Citizen Movement) aims to build an empowered, conscious citizenry with the capacity for individual and collective action in the city of Valparaíso. It sees the Citizen Mayoralty of Jorge Sharpe and the citizen councilors as instruments to support its transformative goals. At the same time, Movimiento Valparaíso Ciudadano is independent of the city government, with its own agenda, which promotes the binding participation of citizens in making decisions that affect them. The Citizen Mayoralty was driven by a set of local political organizations and movements, including Movimiento Valparaíso Ciudadano. Its programme is centered on improving the life of residents by recovering the city's coast and relationship with the sea, defending individual and collective rights, within a value framework that gives dignity to its citizens, taking care of the environment and promoting relations of solidarity, collaboration, mutual respect and equity. The Citizen Mayoralty began with the primaries for the municipal elections in mid 2016 and was consolidated with the victory of Jorge Sharpe in October of the same year. Since taking office in December of 2016, the government has driven a local development strategy while promoting transformative participation of the territory. @ValpoCiudadanohttps://www.facebook.com/ValpoCiudadano/valparaisociudadano@gmail.com
Muitas pela Cidade que Queremos Belo Horizonte BrazilLatin America and the CaribbeanMunicipal oppositionLas Muitas pela Cidade que Queremos is a municipal and citizen movement that emerged in Belo Horizonte (BH) in 2015 - in the wake of movements and struggles that seek a fairer city - inspired by other municipal movements in the world, in Latin American experiences and in ways of organizing some traditional Brazilian communities. With the proposal to occupy the elections, independent activists and members of movements, collectives and parties gathered around a horizontal and collaborative process to construct a candidature. In the municipal elections of 2016, Muitas stood 12 candidates representing women, black people, indigenous peoples, youth, LGBTIQs, the struggle for the right to the city, for the culture, for the animals and the environment, the anticarceral policy and for the legalization of drugs. By deconstructing the personalist idea of politics, the collective campaign's motto was "vote for one, vote for all." In an election marked by the rejection of politics, the Muitas united around their proposal various voluntary activists who won through the streets and social media. Finally, the group won two seats on the Municipal Council of Belo Horizonte, with councilor Áurea Carolina being the most voted candidate in the history of the city.http://www.somosmuitas.com.br/@Somos_Muitashttps://www.facebook.com/asmuitasÁurea Carolina aureacarolinax@gmail.com +55 31 3472 9010robertoandres@gmail.comRoberto Andrés +55 31 995874857
Ne da(vi)mo BeogradBelgradeSerbiaEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetInitiative Ne da(vi)mo Beograd (Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own) acts in the field of urban and cultural policies, sustainable city development, fair use of common resources, and the involvement of citizens in the urban development of their environment. In 2014 the Initiative gathered around a common goal: putting an end to the degradation and plunder of Belgrade on behalf of megalomaniacal urban and architectural projects, primarily the “Belgrade Waterfront” project, through self-organized street actions, judicial and media activism, public campaigns and protests. In 2018 it ran in the city elections for the first time.https://nedavimobeograd.wordpress.com@nedavimobgdhttps://www.facebook.com/nedavimobeograd/Milica Lekovicnedavimobeograd@gmail.comTomislav Domes385913462660
NousSommesMontpellierFranceEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetNousSommes is a municipalist list for the French municipal election in 2020. NousSommes carries ecologist, popular and democratic values.https://noussommes.org/https://twitter.com/NousSommesMtp/https://www.facebook.com/NousSommesMontpellier/Arthur Lenoirme@arthurlenoir.fr+33661229371info@noussommes.orgSebastien Martareche
Olympia AssemblyOlympiaUnited StatesNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Since our formation, Olympia Assembly has advocated a radical vision for our town – one which includes an emphasis on direct democracy and city governance by the people themselves, as well as cooperation amongst neighbors to meet our needs when the established system fails us. We assert the right of all members of our community to freely access the necessities of life, ranging from food, water and shelter to healthcare, education, jobs and the need for a healthy social ecosystem. We assert further the right of the people to make this vision a reality through our own ingenuity, courage and effort.http://olyassembly.com@olympiaassemblyhttps://www.facebook.com/olyassembly/Reed Ingallsreed.ingalls@gmail.com+1(425)590-7035franzzcarroll@gmail.comFranz Carroll+1 (206)962-9124
Our TorontoTorontoCanadaNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Our Toronto is a coalition of Millennials who joined forces in October 2017 to lead the fight against corporate and political elitism in Toronto's municipal government. After engaging with municipal politics and activism like Occupy Wall Street, The Toronto Women's March, The Toronto Youth Cabinet, and Black Lives Matter, the members of Our Toronto saw the next step as taking protest to the electorate and take back power at City Hall. The first objective in Our Toronto’s transformation of municipal politics in Toronto is to collectively build a living municipal platform with contributions from residents, grassroots movements, professionals, experts, and our existing political organizations. By putting a particular focus on the ability and right of all city residents to participate in the process, Our Toronto strives to make civic engagement a daily practice, and amplify leaders who identify as women, people of colour, LGBT+, youth, and other communities that are currently underrepresented at our City Hall. http://www.winbacktoronto.ca@winbacktorontoNahum Mannnahum@winbacktoronto.ca647 780 5835keegan@winbacktoronto.caKeegan Henry-Mathieu416 817 2814
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)AnkaraTurkeyMiddle East and North AfricaMunicipal oppositionThe Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was founded in the summer of 2013, shortly after the Gezi protests engulfed Turkey. Rooted in the pro-Kurdish political movement, the new party aimed to unite leftist and marginalised groups across the country. The HDP advocates a strongly decentralised Turkey with municipalist and autonomous bottom-up structures to replace the currently highly centralised government. It has put forward the idea of “Democratic Autonomy”, a political framework based upon communal democracy where power is exercised at the local level. http://www.hdp.org.tr@HDPenglishhttps://www.facebook.com/HDPenglish/Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)bilgi@hdp.org.tr
Portland AssemblyPortlandUnited StatesNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)The core of Portland Assembly’s vision is the formation of Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs): autonomous, directly democratic groups that meet regularly to work through problems together and directly address issues that are specific to their area. The NAC is a place to connect, share ideas, develop shared analysis through study and discussion, and to plan and take action. NACs bring project ideas to monthly Spokescouncil meetings to request resources, offer resources, or expand the project to other neighborhood action councils. Neighborhood Organizing offers a practical, and accessible people-powered solution.https://portlandassembly.com/@pdxassemblyhttps://www.facebook.com/pdxorassembly/Portland Assemblyinfo@portlandassembly.com
Pravo na grad (Right to the city)ZagrebCroatiaEuropeNetworkPravo na grad (Right to the City) is an organisation engaged in advocacy and public campaigning against privatization and economic overexploitation of space, public and common goods, while promoting the need for citizens' participation in the management of public goods. Over the last ten years, the organization has undertaken a number of campaigns and protest actions raising the public awareness on these issues. What precedes these campaigns is Right to the city’s effort in building long lasting alliances with different civil society organizations as well as trade unions. Together with different organizations and initiatives we have led and have been a part of many different campaigns focusing on public goods, social and urban justice. Perhaps the best known examples are the struggles against the devastation of public space in Zagreb city center (We Won't Give Away Varsavska Street campaign), as well as the campaign against the destruction of Kamensko textile factory in the center of Zagreb, but also the support we provided to a local referendum campaign against golf resorts in Dubrovnik (Srđ is ours) or collaboration with initiatives Volim Pulu (I love Pula) concerned with preventing the commercialization of city’s coastline. In terms of the city of Zagreb, Right to the city extensively works on establishing relationships and building organizational capacities of grassroots initiatives in the city that fight for public and common resources in their surroundings.http://pravonagrad.orgIva Marčetićpravonagrad@pravonagrad.org385989936656Tomislav Domes385913462660
Prázdné domyPragueCzech RepublicEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Prázdné Domy (Empty Houses) is a unique web archive that records abandoned, empty homes in the Czech Republic. Since March 2015, the map has been compiled by 8 volunteers. The project seeks to draw attention to houses that are unused, often lowering the value of neighboring properties and bringing negative social phenomena, while new homes are built on green land. Members of the portal also organize walks aimed at highlighting the issue of empty homes, their negative impact on the structure of the city, such as squatting. On 17 January 2017, Blank Houses in the Czech Republic registered 1533 empty homes.http://prazdnedomy.cz/@prazdnedomyhttps://www.facebook.com/prazdnedomy/Prázdné domyinfo@prazdnedomy.cz
Projet MontrealMontreal4000 Notre-Dame St WCanadaNorth AmericaMunicipal governmentProjet Montréal is a municipal political party founded in 2004. A truly democratic party, Projet Montréal stands for sustainable development, human-scale urban policies, strong public services and affordability, inclusion, integrity, transparency and participatory democracy. Growing its roots and popular support in every election since 2005, Projet Montréal finally won a majority on Montréal’s city council in 2017. Its leader, Valérie Plante, then became the first woman mayor in the city’s 375-year history. http://www.projetmontreal.org/@projetmontrealhttps://www.facebook.com/projetmontrealProjet Montrealinfo@projetmontreal.org(001) 514-390-0792
Rassemblement citoyens de la gauche et des écologistesGrenobleRue Nicolas ChorierFranceEuropeMunicipal governmentThe citizen-left-green alliance (Rassemblement Citoyen, de la Gauche et des Ecologistes) is an alliance which was launched in Grenoble in 2013 by citizens involved in social movements. It is supported by a mix of political parties: EELV (France’s Green Party) and the Parti de Gauche (Left Party), and local social movements. Their manifesto “120 commitments” was drawn up through citizen participation and pursues 3 main objectives : to renew local democracy, to build a social and environmental shield and to make Grenoble a city where it feels good to live for everyone. The organization won the May 2014 city elections, forming a majority government under the leadership of mayor Eric Piolle.http://unevillepourtous.fr/@GrenobleRCGEhttps://www.facebook.com/GrenobleRCGEAnne-Sophie Olmosanne-sophie.olmos@grenoble.fr648439524
Recht auf StadtHamburgGermanyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)"Right to the City", founded in 2009, is a network of initiatives in Hamburg, that stand for affordable housing, non-commercial spaces, socialisation of property, a new democratic urban planning and the preservation of public greens; for the right to the city for all inhabitants – with or without papers. Against gentrification, repression, neoliberal urbanism and closed borders.http://www.rechtaufstadt.net/@RaS_HamburgRecht auf Stadt Hamburginfo@rechtaufstadt.net
Reclaim the CityCape TownSouth AfricaSub Saharan AfricaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Reclaim the City is a Cape Town-based campaign for desegregation and affordable housing development in the inner-city. Launched on 13 February 2016, the campaign consists of an active chapter of domestic workers and low-income earners in Sea Point, supporters among poor tenants in Woodstock and Salt River, young professionals, high school pupils, students, and workers from across Cape Town. We believe that it is the State’s obligation to play a proactive role to reverse spatial apartheid in Cape Town.http://www.reclaimthecity.org.za@ReclaimCThttps://www.facebook.com/ReclaimCT/Nkosikhona Swaartbooifaceswartbooi@gmail.com 27210125094saritapillay@gmail.comSarita Pillay27210125094
Réseau d'action municipaleMontrealCanadaNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)The Municipal Action Network (RAM) is a civic, creative and collaborative platform that aims to build a new political movement by taking the municipality as the privileged place for a democratic transformation of social, economic and political life. Municipalism is based on the direct, inclusive and active participation of citizens in public affairs, in order to foster collective ownership of institutions, self-government and popular sovereignty.http://actionmunicipale.org@RAMunicipalehttps://www.facebook.com/actionmunicipale.org/Jonathan Durand Folcojdurand@ustpaul.ca1-438-391-3332
Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA)Richmond, CaliforniaUnited StatesNorth AmericaMunicipal governmentThe RPA has this explicit goal: to put political decision-making power in the hands of the people by electing corporate-free representatives. The RPA mobilizes people in support of progressive policies and candidates, often in alliance with other local groups. Recent RPA Achievements include: Elected progressive candidates to city offices despite being outspent 20-1 by corporate donors; increased Richmond minimum wage to $13 by 2018; rejected an urban casino at Point Molate; ended driver license check-points and the impounding of cars driven by drivers without licenses; forced Chevron to pay on average an additional $7.5 million in taxes per year for 15 years; created and funded the Office of Neighborhood Safety, which helped reduce homicides 75%; passed Fair Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction; advanced green job training and led the Bay Area in solar installation in 2010.http://www.richmondprogressivealliance.net@RichProAllhttps://www.facebook.com/RPA4Richmond/Juan Reardoninfo@richmondprogressivealliance.net510-412-2260
Seattle Neighborhood Action CoalitionSeattleFremontUnited StatesNorth AmericaCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Direct action, solidarity, mutual aid for oppressed and marginalized people in Seattle. Organizing outside of official political institutions to help build up participatory democracy and a parallel solidarity economy.http://www.neighborhoodaction.infohttps://mobile.twitter.com/NeighborhoodActhttps://www.facebook.com/neighborhoodaction.info/Ty Nolaneagledancer4444@gmail.com+1 623 217 1943roxcglick@gmail.comRoxanne Glick+1 206 388 6781
Seattle People's PartySeattleUnited StatesNorth AmericaCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetThe Seattle People's Party was founded by a group of grassroots organizers, primarily people of color and people with low incomes, to engage with the political process and decentralize power away from the wealthy and well connected and to the communities which need the most, especially homeless folks, the LGBTQ+ community, communities of color, working class people, refugees, and immigrants.http://seattlepeoplesparty.comhttps://twitter.com/NikkitaOliverhttps://www.facebook.com/seattlepeoplesparty/Nikkita Oliverseattleleads@seattlepeoplesparty.com
Solidarity City BerlinBerlinGermanyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)Solidarity City is a network of organizations and individuals formed at the end of 2015. Making Berlin a Solidarity City means securing access to city services for people with restricted or undocumented legal statuses.http://solidarity-city-berlin.org@solcityblnhttps://www.facebook.com/SolidarityCityBerlin/Antje Dieterichdieterich.antje@gmail.com491604419594michel.jungwirth@gmx.at Michel Jungwirth4915774017318
Stadt von UntenBerlinGermanyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)City from Below formed in early 2014 with the goal to promote a model project called "communal & self-managed" (in German "kommunal" both means communal and municipal). With this model project we want to think about new institutional arrangements that combine the democratic structures of self-managed structures with the wide reach of public housing and thereby overcome the limitations of both: The middleclass, social capital centered self-managed housing scene and the undemocratic and in neoliberal times also unaffordable municipal housing. The model project is based on our 100%-claims: ◾100% rental apartments, no private ownership ◾100% real affordability (which we define as affordable for recipients of social welfare) ◾100% long term (social housing in Germany is usually only regulated for a limited time) ◾100% participation (different from co-ops, no need to bring private capital). https://stadtvonunten.de/stadt-von-unten-selbstverwaltet-und-kommunal-city-from-below-self-managed-and-common/@stadtvonuntenhttps://www.facebook.com/stadtvonunten/info@stadtvonunten.de
Stowarzyszenie Mieszkańcy SopotuSopotPolandEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetStowarzyszenie Mieszkańcy Sopotu (Association of the inhabitants of Sopot) is a group of people from Sopot who care about the good of the city and the good quality of life of all residents. Above all, the platform wants to be able to decide about the direction of the city's development according to the most democratic and transparent rules.The group first stood in the local elections in November 2014 and is a founding member of the Polish Urban Movements Congresshttp://www.mieszkancydlasopotu.pl/@SOPOT_MDShttps://www.facebook.com/mieszkancydlasopotu/Stowarzyszenie Mieszkańcy Sopotukontakt@mieszkancydlasopotu.pl
Torino in ComuneTorinoItalyEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yethttp://torinoincomune.com@ToInComunehttps://www.facebook.com/Torino-in-Comune-1526622587663195/Eleonora Artesiotorinoincomune@gmail.com
Towarzystwo Upiększania Miasta WrocławiaWrocławPolandEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetThe Society for Beautifying the City of Wrocławhttp://tumw.plhttps://twitter.com/tumwrohttps://www.facebook.com/TUMWro/Przemek Filarpfilar@tumw.pl+48 503 169 759niedakh@gmail.comPiotr Szymański(0048) 790745179
Udruga GET (Association GHETTO)Split Mihovilova širina 3CroatiaEuropeMunicipal governmentAssociation of inhabitants of Ghetto (Diocletian's palace) being the city core of Split, Croatia, formed based on activities of Facebook group Get Getanima :) has won 2018 city district elections for the part of the city to which Ghetto belongs, winning the presiding over the city district board (city has 28 districts). Association fights against massive gentrification and turistification of the monument inhabited for more than 1700 years.https://www.facebook.com/groups/getani/Marin Krpetić sova82@gmail.com+385958779231anaperaica@gmail.comAna Peraica+385917383692
Vecinos por TorrelodonesTorrelodonesSpainEuropeMunicipal governmentVecinos por Torrelodones (Neighbours for Torrelodones) is a municipalist platform founded in April 2007 by a group of residents of Torredolones, a small town near Madrid with a population of 23,000. The group did not have any prior contact with politics, but were committed to their town, which had been governed by the same party (the conservative Popular Party) for 25 years, and concerned with the direction that municipal policy was taking. The group was particularly motivated to stop a development plan for 3,500 homes and a golf course in an area of high environmental value that had been protected by a unanimous decision of the 1993-1997 city council. In the first elections in which it stood, in 2007, Vecinos por Torrelodones won 23% of the votes and 4 seats on the city council. In the 2011 elections it won 37% of the vote and 9 seats and formed a minority government. In 2015 the platform won 50.3% of the vote, 12 seats and was and was able to form a majority government. http://www.vecinosportorrelodones.org/@vxtorrelodoneshttps://www.facebook.com/VecinosPorTorrelodonesVecinos por Torrelodonesinfo@vecinosportorrelodones.org(0034 91 859 24 48)
Vila-seca en ComúVila-seca (Tarragona)SpainEuropeMunicipal oppositionVila-seca en Comú is a municipal political platform formed by a group of neighbors with different origins, trajectories and party backgrounds that decided to unite to form a sovereign political organization with the aim of standing in the municipal elections of May 2015. It is currently the third largest political force on the city council.http://vilasecaencomu.org/@VilasecaEnComuhttps://www.facebook.com/vilasecaencomu/Mario Téllez Molinavsec@vilasecaencomu.org661295356
Vision VancouverVancouverCanadaNorth AmericaMunicipal governmentVision Vancouver is a political movement in the City of Vancouver fighting for affordable housing, better transit and a greener city, inclusive and vibrant neighbourhoods, and a creative and innovative economy. http://www.votevision.ca/@visionvancouverhttps://www.facebook.com/VisionVancouver/Jack Milroyjack.milroy@votevision.ca
We BrusselsBrusselsBelgiumEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)A movement-party that wants Brussels to have the governance, ethics and transparency that it needs to serve its citizens!http://www.webrussels.orgWe Brusselshttps://www.facebook.com/webrusselsWeBrusselsteam@webxl.brussels
Wien andersViennaAustriaEuropeCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yetWien anders is a political alliance in Vienna, Austria, created for the city's 2015 parliamentary and local elections.http://wienanders.at@WienANDAShttps://www.facebook.com/wienandasWien andersinfo@wienanders.at
WIJ DelfshavenRotterdamNetherlandsEuropeMunicipal oppositionWIJ Delfshaven is a local non-partisan movement and network citizens initiatives. We connect active citizens and organisations in the west of Rotterdam to the ambitions of the city. Since 2014 we also participate in local elections in the district of Delfshaven (75.000p.) where we have 2 of the 15 seats in a local council. http://www.wijdelfshaven.nl@WijDelfshavenhttps://www.facebook.com/wij.delfshavenRobbert de Vriezewijdelfshaven@gmail.com+31 0 6 19354343
Win The CityPhiladelphiaHarrowgateUnited StatesNorth AmericaCandidature for municipal elections with no institutional representation yethttp://winthecity.us/@Win_the_Cityhttps://www.facebook.com/WinTheCityPHL/Jackrabbitjackrabbit@winthecity.us4159387886krista@winthecity.usKrista
Working Families PartyNew York CityMetrotech Center North, BrooklynUnited StatesNorth AmericaNetworkFounded in New York in 1998 by a coalition of community organizations, union activists and progressive elected officials, the Working Families Party (WFP) today counts hundreds of thousands of individuals as part of its community across the United States. Since its support of the Bernie Sanders campaign, the WFP has continued to grow. It views electing the next generation of progressive leaders as a core area of its work.http://workingfamilies.org/@WorkingFamilieshttps://www.facebook.com/WorkingFamilies/Working Families Partyreply@workingfamilies.org
Zagreb Je NasZagrebCroatiaEuropeMunicipal oppositionZagreb je NAŠ! (ZJN) is a municipal political platform that emerged at the beginning of 2017. It is based on principles of social and political justice in a city aiming to bring together different left and green political parties and individuals in a joint attempt to enter the city assembly and, consequently, to build a left-wing political organization rooted in the city. It is built on the belief that the city should be governed by those who bear the consequences of political decisions and that city resources are to be used in order to better the life of its citizens, while producing the sense of self-governance. In May 2017 ZJN formed a coalition with four other political parties: Nova ljevica (New Left), Radnička fronta (Workers’ Front), ORAH and Za grad For The City. The coalition won four seats in Zagreb City Assembly and 68 seats in neighborhood and district councils all over the city. During the campaign the coalition also bore the name Zagreb je NAŠ!.http://www.zagrebjenas.hr/https://www.facebook.com/ZagrebJeNASZagreb Je Naszagrebjenas@gmail.com
Zaragoza en ComúZaragozaSpainEuropeMunicipal oppositionZaragoza in Comuna is a confluence of neighbors, activists and political organizations, born in 2014 with the spirit of taking back the city for its residents. It won the 2015 municipal elections, making lawyer and activist Pablo Santisteve mayor. In 2019 it came fourth and went into opposition.https://zaragozaencomun.com/@zaragozaencomunhttps://www.facebook.com/ganemoszaragozaencomunZaragoza en Comúinfo@zaragozaencomun.com
Zero81/Massa CriticaNapoliVia Cupa Vicinale Dell'Olivo, 1ItalyEuropeCountermunicipalist (platform working outside institutions)http://www.massacriticanapoli.org@Massa_Critica_https://www.facebook.com/massacriticanapoli/bruno martiranimassacriticanapoli@gmail.com